Greetings to you in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Because our church is so large, I wanted to reach out to each of you by letter to let you know the awesome things God is doing. I believe as you read this letter, you will sense and know that God’s hand is on this ministry.

I believe, as I hope you do, that this church is a blessing not only to our church family, but to our community as well. This year already we have seen hundreds of people make a commitment to the Lord. Over 120 people have been baptized and we have given well over $225,000.00 to missions.

Our challenge is to continue to be a blessing to others as we make sure we have the facilities we need to effectively minister to our growing congregation. Since our current monthly income must be used for our operating budget, we must now focus on a solution to maintain the positive mission and ministry of Love & Truth Church.

“IMAGINE” is the name of our stewardship campaign. We believe that with God’s guidance, this ministry will fulfill the financial needs of our church. As part of our “IMAGINE” campaign, every household is asked to prayerfully consider making a sacrificial commitment – over and above your ongoing tithe and offerings – to be given over the next three years. As you can see, “IMAGINE” is an important step to our future, and your involvement impacts its success.

Let me encourage your attendance on Sunday, September 15th. During this special service you will learn more about our new building program and our “IMAGINE” Campaign. We will share the importance of church-wide prayer (PRAY BIG) during this crucial time, and we will share information about our church and its ministry.

These are exciting days of decision in our church. Let us commit to seek and act in God’s Will. To the Glory of God, we will move ahead in faith.

For His Kingdom,

Eddie Cupples  |  Lead Pastor